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We are an Information Security Solutions provider with expertise and demonstrated experience.

WeHack is a leading startup in the Cyber Security field, consists of a team of talented Offensive Cyber Security Experts. We provide Cyber Security Consultation services for the most high profile businesses to help them secure their business. By performing different Security Assessments on the scope (Business workflow & Technical Details), we are able to identify Security Vulnerabilities which exists on your Network, Application and Source Code, Analyzing the Risk and its Impact on the Business and finding the best Mitigation for every discovered Vulnerability and finally deliver you a very detailed report including all the details that you would need to understand, reproduce and mitigate the Security Issues.

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WeHack provides a wide-range of security services, so you can be sure that your system is safe against any unwanted threat actor.

Web Applications Security Assessment

Letting WeHack secure your Business's web application will reduce your business's chances of getting hacked by hackers or being affected by security vulnerabilities which could lead to expose your data, as many organizations sensitive data has been compromised due to the lack of security awareness and poor development implementation for the web applications, Our expert researchers will identify the world’s most critical web application security flaws by a full examination of your business's web application and help you to understand, reproduce and mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities.

Mobile Applications Security Assessment

With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving. Neglecting your business's mobile application security measures could lead to huge data breaches that have the potential to cause significant financial losses and damage to corporate reputation. WeHack security researchers will do security assessments for your applications provide you with an independent assessment of the level of security of your mobile applications which also include automated examination and manual research for vulnerabilities with a systematic search for attack vectors that could successfully exploit the discovered issues plus the solutions.

Source Code Review

The basis of every application is the source code, Even if the application is working well from the point of view of functionality, it may still contain serious security weaknesses. WeHack considers finding and remediating software vulnerabilities and weaknesses is a step towards improving the security posture of your business. The result of doing source code review is more criticality than Black box/ White box results because there's a possibility of missing security issues in the other phases, Unlike this phase the probability is greater..

Network Security Assessment

WeHack helps you to produce security processes, awareness, and services. This process includes validating the existing security issues and doing a customized vulnerabilities analysis, validating the risk levels, providing you the detailed report of this process which contains the discovered vulnerabilities and the description, exploitation, steps to reproduce, proof of concept and the real world scenarios for every vulnerability and provides you a detailed guide on how to remediate the issues and mitigate the risk level and improve your security layers.

Security Consultancy Services

Security Consultancy Services is a complement of services intending to measure and improve cyber security levels on the basis of a methodological approach for system, network and security needs of institutions and organizations. Security Consultancy Services are offered through Expert Security Consultants appointed as per specific needs of organizations, Schedule a meeting now and let us help you.


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Our security researchers are ready, qualified and happy to start securing your Business now! Our team at WeHack have members specialized in every field, as a proof of our qualification, our team got ranks on Top 100 Researchers on every Bug Bounty Platform.

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